How to Make a Laxative at Home

1. Measure 1 cup of water.
This measurement need not be precise. If you measure out a small quantity of water, it will be faster to drink and receive the effects, however the flavor will be stronger and perhaps less palatable. If you dilute the tea too much by adding too much water, it will take longer to drink. Either way, senna tea is an excellent way to make a laxative at home.

2 Pour water into a microwave safe cup.
Alternatively, boil the water in a pot on the stove. Take care not to use a cup that gets too hot to handle after being in the microwave or having hot water poured inside.

3 Place the bag of senna tea inside of the cup.
Make sure that the paper tag hangs outside of the cup so that you can use it to remove the tea bag before drinking it.

4 Warm the cup of tea for 1-2 minutes.
The exact amount of time required is dependent upon how long it takes for your microwave to reach boiling or just under boiling temperature. Take care not to allow the tea to boil over the edges of the cup.

5 Allow tea to steep.
The amount of time required for the tea to become effective as a laxative is dependent on personal preference. You may steep it for as long as you like, a minimum of a few seconds up to an hour or longer for a strong tea. To create a stronger tea, press a spoon against the tea bag so that the bag of tea is trapped between the mug and the spoon and press the tea out. Take care not to pulverize the tea bag by tearing it with the spoon. A gentler way of expelling more tea is to dip the bag in and out of the water.

6 Add a sweetener of your choice to the tea.
Stevia, white sugar, maple syrup or agave are all suitable. However, for the best taste, a full flavored sweetener such as maple or agave is recommended. If you have chosen to make a laxative at home as a natural remedy for constipation, do not use white sugar, as it is not health inducing. Furthermore white sugar is constipating in some people and it’s use will counter effect the tea.

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